H2S Certification

H2S Certification

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(Length: 4-5 hours)

The attendee to the class will become familiar with the dangers associated with entering into and working safely in an H2S environment. The key objective is to educate the participant about the physical and chemical properties, toxicity, concentration levels, personal protective equipment use, detection measures, rescue, and first aid.

The attendee will be required to successfully complete a written evaluation of the information presented during this training session in accordance with the ANSI/ASSE Z390.1—2017 Standard.


This course is designed for personnel with "hands-on" work on and around equipment which may be exposed to an H2S environment. Common locations are oil and gas facilities, rigs, sewer systems, refineries, gas plants, land-fills, waste water treatment plants and compressor stations.


  •        What is H2S
  •        Common Industrial Sites
  •        Properties and Characteristics of H2S
  •        Concentrations / Toxic Levels 
  •        Case Studies and Videos
  •        H2S Effects on Individuals
  •        Detection and Monitoring
  •        Contingency and Emergency Response Plans
  •        Personal Protective Equipment
  •        Rescue & First Aid Techniques
  •        Post Exposure Evaluation
  •        Final Exam

Additional topics Covered in H2S Certification

  •        Acute and Chronic Health Effects
  •        Administrative Controls
  •        API Hazard Conditions
  •        Burning, Flaring, and Venting
  •        Characteristics of Hydrogen Sulfide
  •        Chemical and Physical Properties
  •        Company and Worker Responsibilities
  •        Contingency Plans
  •        Corrective Actions and Shutdown Procedures
  •        Detection and Monitoring Methods
  •        Dispersion Models
  •        Effects of Hydrogen Sulfide on Metals
  •        Emergency Response and Evacuation
  •        Emerging Technology
  •        Engineering Controls
  •        First Aid and Post-Exposure Evaluation
  •        Hydrogen Sulfide in Confined Spaces
  •        Hazard Communication for Hydrogen Sulfide
  •        Hazards of Hydrogen Sulfide and Sulfur Dioxide
  •        Ignition Sources
  •        Immediate Action Plans
  •        Methods for Detecting and Monitoring
  •        Personal Protective Equipment
  •        Rescue Techniques
  •        Respiratory Protection
  •        Routes and Limits of Exposure
  •        Safe Work Practices
  •        Sensitivity and Acute and Chronic Health Effects
  •        Sources of Hydrogen Sulfide
  •        State and Federal Regulatory Requirements
  •        Training Requirements
  •        Transportation
  •        Ventilation
  •        Warning Signs and Alarms
  •        Wind Direction

The successful participant will receive a wallet sized, laminated H2S Certification Card valid for a period of one year.

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Hydrogen Sulfide Certification - Annual Requirement

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Annual Training

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Session 1 - Leader Led Course
Session 4 - Evaluation

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Chris Thuneman

Chris Thuneman

Confined Space Entry, Hydrogen Sulfide, PEC Safeland / Safegulf, Fall Protection, Trenching and Excavation, Respirator Fit Testing

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