Trenching and Excavation - Competent Person

Trenching and Excavation - Competent Person

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Trenching and Excavation module at the Competent Person Level.

(Length: 8 hours)

Course Description: This course is designed to meet the following objectives:

  • Increase the members’ knowledge of identifying existing and predictable hazards in the surroundings, or working conditions which are unsanitary, hazardous or dangerous to employees.
  • Develop new attitudes toward health and safety;

  • Increase safety conscious behaviors for work in trenches and excavations, and

  • Familiarize members with the OSHA requirements for working in trenches and excavations including general hazards of trenches and excavations, working around underground utilities, dangers with water accumulation, access and egress from trenches and excavations, vehicle and pedestrian exposure to trenches and excavations, soil testing, protective systems and rescue planning.

To accomplish these objectives, the course design integrates small group activities, hands-on workshops, site simulation exercises, demonstrations, facilitated discussions, and audio-visual aids.


This course is designed for supervisory personnel who will manage others which may be exposed to a Trenches and Excavations.

Course Content:


Module: 1 - Legal Rights and Responsibilities


Terminal Learning Objective:


  • Identify which government agencies are responsible for aspects of safety, health and environmental protection.

  • Find information you need from OSHA regulations.

  • Discuss your health and safety rights on the job.

  • Identify your health and safety responsibilities.


Module: 2 – Competent Person Requirements


Terminal Learning Objective:


  • Define a Competent Person and his/her responsibilities in excavation activities and operations.

  • Review Competent Person training requirements for soil analysis, use of protective systems and requirements of the standard.

  • Explain Competent Person Authority requirements to take prompt corrective measures to eliminate existing hazards and authority to stop work to take such corrective actions.

  • Explain Competent Person requirements for conducting inspections of the worksite, excavation, and protective systems.


Module: 3 – General Hazards Associated with Trenching and Excavation Work


Terminal Learning Objective:


  • Identify hazards found in Trenching and Excavation work such as cave-ins, confined spaces, utilities, biological hazards, limited access and egress, and water accumulation.

  • Review appropriate control measures to avoid trenching and excavation hazards using the hierarchy of control.

  • Review appropriate inspections procedures and documentation of trenching and excavation operations.


Module: 4 – Identifying and Addressing Atmospheric Hazards


Terminal Learning Objective:


  • Identify if the general criteria for atmospheric testing.

  • Review testing considerations including instrument calibration and reliability.

  • Describe acceptable limits in atmospheric testing.


Module: 5 – Soil Testing and Classification


Terminal Learning Objective:


  • Describe soil mechanics.

  • Determination of Soil Type by Manual, Dry, Thread, Ribbon, Mechanical and Thumb.

  • Review Test Equipment and Methods for Evaluating Soil Type.


Module: 6 – Shoring and Shielding Types


Terminal Learning Objective:


  • Describe different types of shoring methods.

  • Describe shoring requirements for Registered Professional Engineer approval.

  • Describe shielding methods and requirements.

  • Describe the requirements for safely installing and removing protective systems.


Module: 7 – Sloping and Benching


Terminal Learning Objective:


  • Review benching methods and requirements.

  • Review sloping methods and requirements.

  • Review the limitations of benching and sloping methods.


Module: 8 – Spoil


Terminal Learning Objective:


  • Review hazards created by improper placement of spoil piles.

  • Review appropriate methods for storing spoil.


Module: 9 – OSHA Directives and Interpretations


Terminal Learning Objective:


  • Review OSHA enforcement methods on trenching and excavation work sites.

  • Review OSHA inspection procedures for trenching and excavation work sites.




These small group exercises will demonstrate how to use site specific information about trenching and excavations to reinforce the training module presented. They are designed to strengthen the modules core objectives and answer questions about job planning process.




Participants will take a 50-question (multiple choice) exam. Minimum passing score is 70%.




A written test is conducted at the completion of the course. In addition, several simulated scenarios are used throughout the course.

The successful participant will receive a wallet sized, laminated Trenching Excavation Training Certification Card valid for a period of two years.

Short Description

The Trenching and Excavation Competent Person Training class is designed for students who will be designated as competent persons by their company and who need to understand requirements and processes for working in trenches and excavations.

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Competent Person

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Written Test

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Chris Thuneman

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